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Drug & Alcohol in Las Vegas

Accurate Drug Testing & Alcohol Screening for Your Workplace

If you’re in need of accurate, reliable, and confidential drug testing or alcohol testing for your business, you’re at the right place.

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas is the preferred drug and alcohol testing partner for many businesses, schools, court systems, DOT-regulated organizations and corporations across the United States.

Alcohol Screening & Drug Testing Services

Our lab is up-to-date with the latest technologies in drug and alcohol testing. Clients may request any of the following drug and alcohol collection methods from ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas :

Types of Drug Testing

Different circumstances require different testing processes and analysis. ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas can meet any testing need with a variety of different testing types.

Types of Alcohol Testing

There are multiple ways to test for alcohol use and abuse. Each methodology has pros and cons depending on the situation and the information being sought. Let ARCpoint Labs’ of Las Vegas trained staff help you get the results you need.

Workplace Testing

We can handle all of your drug testing from pre-employment, to random management, to post-accident, reasonable suspicion and follow up drug or alcohol testing.

Mobile & On-site Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas brings the testing to your business or other location whether testing is routine or emergency, saving you lost productivity and increasing confidence in tamper-free testing and reliable results.

Social/Family Testing

We can also conduct passive exposure drug testing to see if a child has been in an environment with drug use

Academics/Athletics Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas stays on top of teen drug trends and knows what to test for when drug use is suspected.

Common Abused Drugs

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas trained personnel and SAMSHA-certified testing facilities assure you accurate results when testing for any substance of abuse, including the most commonly abused drugs.

Prescription Monitoring

We partner with physicians to monitor patient prescription drug use and prevent misuse, abuse, or diversion of powerful medications.

Why ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas for Your Organization’s Drug Testing Needs?

We are a national provider of drug and alcohol testing services, and we offer on-site testing and mobile testing in addition to lab-based drug testing or alcohol testing collections at our locally-owned facilities.

A Preferred Drug & Alcohol Testing Partner

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas is a preferred collection sites for Quest Diagnostics and network collection sites for LabCorp. ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas follows the standards set by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and uses SAMHSA-certified labs for confirmation testing. This helps ensure that our drug testing or alcohol testing results are reliable and legally-admissible when needed.

Accurate, Reliable, Confidential Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our drug testing and alcohol testing experts can work with you to determine what sort of testing best meets your needs and what substances you should test for based on your desired detection window and your area’s local drug trends. We stay up-to-date on best practices in drug testing and alcohol testing in order to provide the best service for your business.

No matter how you choose to conduct your drug testing or alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas promises accurate, reliable, and confidential service. We are drug testing and alcohol testing professionals you can entrust your workplace, school, DOT, or individual testing needs to.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas can be your organization’s drug and alcohol testing partner, helping you create a safer workplace, school, or community.

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