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Drug Policy Implementation in Las Vegas

Workplace Drug Policy Implementation

Your company may have the best Drug Free Workplace Policy ever written, but if it isn’t used properly, or worse yet, isn’t used at all, it does you no good. Policy implementation requires making sure employees have read and acknowledged the policy. Supervisors must be trained to understand what practices are permitted, required and prohibited — and be clear on the distinctions between them.

For example, it is common for companies to have both random selection and reasonable suspicion policies in place. Sadly, it is also far too common for the supervisors in charge of executing drug policy in real time, to have no practical understanding between those two distinctively different practices and when and how each comes into play.

Well Trained Employees and Supervisors Will Improve Outcomes

Supervisors must be trained in how to identify, document and address the behaviors that suggest an employee may be an active substance abuser or working under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They must also be trained in how to approach and address situations when they arise; what to say and what not to say to maximize cooperation and positive outcomes and minimize negative consequences and drama. Many supervisors may be uncomfortable with the idea of confronting an employee they suspect of impairment. Good training can reduce these concerns and help them feel well prepared and equipped to deal with situations when they arise.

Time and money invested in designing and adopting a workplace drug policy and training employees and supervisors is wasted without consistent and unbiased enforcement. Failure to properly implement even the most well-designed and crafted workplace drug policy can result in serious consequences, including fines, lost contracts, lost customers, unnecessary and preventable turnover, and civil and criminal liability.

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